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We, PMP Professional Training Centre, strive for quality educational programs and dedicate our efforts to provide the best learning experience to our students and clients.

Services and Courses

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A variety of courses target different needs of people and companies. Most courses (specifically communication) can be tailor-made for commercials, schools, or non-profit organizations.

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ESS includes translations, proofreading, and write-ups on English and Chinese. More value-added services are given to your VIP member status.

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Application for a membership is FREE. Start earning credits to spend on courses, books or gift items. Enjoy discounts and free ESS and many other stunning for-member-only benefits.

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A list of English courses focusing on listening, reading, writing, and speaking of English language. Kids courses are infused with joyful content to enhance learning initiative. 

About Us

We share the positive values.

---   Practice Makes Perfect   ---

  • Diversified and Feasible Training Models
  • Learning Technology Incorporated
  • Advocate Positive Reinforcement
  • Respect and Suitable Assessments
  • Branding with values

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BBA / MBA / Doctorate

99.9% successful rate entering Degree programs of Universities.

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Library / Resoucres

A collection of websites that brings you lots of study resources. 

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Books, training courses, gift items, stationeries, and more.

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Join our teachers team to share your knowledge to the world.

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Solutions For Your

Your organization may need to provide specific training to your dedicated team members, clients, or students. Training courses delivered by us will alleviate your administration and management cost and workload. We can also assure the qualities of courses materials and trainers. 

We develop different courses content according to the needs of the audience, their levels, the industries, the scopes of duties of your colleagues, the requirements of your organization, and so on. So let us know your training needs today and we will formulate the best proposal for you. 

1. Needs Identification

Communicate to define the audience and their needs.

2. Course Proposal

Formulate a course proposal according to details discussed and quotations.

3. Service Agreement

Fix and finalize the course details and prepare to sign an agreement.

Training Process

4. Plans and Schedules

Develop a lesson plan and confirm the trainer's profile.

5. Materials Production

Design, produce, and complete the training materials before the course.

6. Course Commencement

Course starts on specific date, time, and location.

Teaching Codes (A.S.K)


>> to be patient and sensitive to learners needs.
>> to respect the differences of each individuals.
>> to treat every teaching as a learning opportunity.
>> to attend every class with the mood as if the first day attending the class.


>> to proceed result-oriented approach.
>> to conduct student-centered presentation.
>> to have creative and stimulating training methods.


>> to be knowledgeable in the taught subject.
>> to be well-informed with subject-related current matters.
>> to have recognizable qualification on the taught area. 

Featured Courses

New courses will be rolled out from time to time to respond to the change of the environment. All existing courses can be re-designed to suit various target audience.

writing document

Writing Office Documents

writing promotional materials

Writing Promotional Materials

Social Communication

Social Communication

English for Meeting

English for Meetings

English for interview

English for Interviews

speaking scenario

Spoken English by Scenarios

Hot Programs for Companies

Customer Services in English

Writing Emails

Business Telephoning

Social Etiquette in English

Writing Proposals

Presentation on Stage

Handling Complaints

Stress Management

Kids Courses

PMPKids Courses

PMPKids Courses

70,000 STUDENTS    

1152 SCHOOLS                                 

Courses designed for primary school kids are tailor-made regarding the schools needs and requirements.

PMPKids English Grammar courses



Primary: 1-6

PMPKids Writing courses


lessons: 8-12
Primary: 1-6

Reading Have Fun

 WITH FUN                       


lessons: 8-12
Primary: 1-6

PMPKids Vocabulary Courses

 WORD  POWER           

lessons: 8-12


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