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can, may, should, must

Modal Verbs Exercises:
Exercise1: Use of Can, Could, Have to, Must, Might, Should
Exercise2 : Can, Could and To be able to

Modal verbs are special verbs that can not be used without accompanying a normal verb. However, -

  1. Modals have present and past forms but are not necessarily used for present or past events.
  2. Modals do not take "-s" in the third person.
  3. We use "not" to make modals negative.
  4. Verbs followed Modals should always be in present simple form.

Some common Modal Verbs:
Can, Could, May, Might, Ought to, Shall, Should, Must, Will, Would, Have to
e.g. I can swim.
You should be here by now.
They might not know the answers.
He will can go with you.(Wrong)
She should studied hard last year. (Wrong)

助動詞的用法不能跟一般普通動詞的用法一樣, 它尾隨一定要有一個基本動詞. 運用助動詞有以下原則: -

  1. 助動詞有現在式和過去式, 但並非過去的句子就用過去式或現在的句子用現在式Modals.
  2. 助動詞本身不可能有第三人稱單數"-s" 形態.
  3. 我們用"not"加在助動詞後面來表達其反意.
  4. 助動詞自己不能獨立當動詞用, 要尾隨一個原式動詞啊!

Can, Could, May, Might, Ought to, Shall, Should, Must, Will, Would, Have to


欲學習更多Modal Verbs; 可Click入下面.
Exercise1: Use of Can, Could, Have to, Must, Might, Should
Exercise2 : Can, Could and To be able to


 English Supporting Service



English Courses for Adults:
 Language medium : Cantonese or English


English Grammar (elementary Level) LE901

The objective of this course is to enhance the participants' abilities in using English by strengthen their foundations on English Grammar. This course is designed for those who know little about English and need to deal with English in their working environments. At the end of this course, learners are expected to have more confidence in using the language and be able to handle general social situations in English.
No. of lessons : twelve 2hr lessons. (~3 months)


English Grammar (Intermediate Level) LE911

Grammatically correct in English is particularly important. Minor mistakes in grammar sometime will lead to ridiculous results. People may always find difficulty in using some English structures. This course will help you to make clear of these confusing grammars. You are expected to have your expressions in English become easier. This course will concentrate on these structures and is suitable for those who have already acquired the basic knowledge in English grammar. At the end of the course, you will have received useful knowledge on how to use the grammar accurately. You are expected to be able to make sentences closer to their meanings and more sophisticated. In addition, your confidence both in speaking and in writing will also be increased.
No. of lesson : twelve 2hr lessons. (~3 months)


English Communication – Speaking & Listening LE902

This course focuses on improving the learners' communication skill in English in terms of speaking and listening. You will be introduced :

-- The common useful expressions in both social and business situations.

-- Phrase and grammar used in spoken English.

-- Common mistakes in English speaking caused by Cantonese speakers.

-- Formal and informal usage in spoken English.

-- Fluency includes pronunciation, intonation, etc..

-- Listening skill includes how to focus on the main points of a speech.

At the end of the course, you are expected to be able to express yourself without much difficulty. We wish you could also extend your conversation content easily.
No. of lessons : twelve 2hr lessons. (~3 months)

English Reading and Writing LE903

This course is for those who are interested in improving the reading and writing skills in English. The course is designed in a way by using some sort of academic content. Different topics will be included in the materials to discover different writing styles. To follow the aim of the course, you will learn : -

-- How to write short pieces of coherent discourse.

-- How to write longer, tighter sentences and better-organized paragraphs.

-- How to extract information from given texts efficiently.

-- The skills of skimming, scanning and guessing vocabulary from context.

Various exercises and activities are incorporated in the course content. Comprehension, grammar and vocabulary will be taught during the course.
No. of lessons : twelve 2hr lessons. (~3 months)

Business Communication in English LE904
  • Meeting in English …..(LE904a)

- Common expression used in different situations of a meeting.
- Formal, semi-formal and informal expression.
- Tone and language.
- Situational phrase.

  • Commercial etiquette …..(LE904b)

- English expression of different situations in commercial world.
- Formal rules for common commercial situations.
- Situational phrase.

  • Memo/Letter Writing …..(LE904c)
- The process of approaching writing.
- Purposes and readers oriented writing.
- Useful frameworks for business letters.
- Language and tone in business letters.
- Formats for letters/memos.

- Inclusive of three sessions.
No. of lessons : Five 2hr-lessons per session. (total 15    2hr-lessons for 3 sessions.)
Discount offered to one-time enrollment of all three sessions.


Fluency in English LE905

This course is designed for those who wish to improve their pronunciation in spoken English. The course will help you in the pronunciation of more accurate and fluent English on the basic of the following content :

-- The studies of English Phonetics (the structures and symbols of vowel and consonant).

-- Pronunciation problem of Cantonese speakers in English

-- Intonation

-- Connected speech (rhythm, linking, etc.)

-- Idioms commonly used in spoken English

This course will not only benefit you in the knowledge of English pronunciation but a skill for self-learning of other languages.
No. of lessons : six 2hrs lessons.

Tailor-made English course LE906

This course is designed for those who have to work irregular hours, thus they won't miss the class due to the unavailability. The benefit of this course is also for teachers to provide students the most suitable course materials and handle individual weaknesses directly. The course will focus on the areas of reading, writing, grammar, speaking, listening and will be subject to the need of the student.
No. of lessons : negotiable with students

Schoolwork Counselling and Courses for Specific Purposes for Children   

Schoolwork counselling, tailor-made courses, and certificate courses are designed for Schools, Non-profit-making Organizations, and other cooperating entities only. Tailor-made proposal will be provided upon request. Welcome to ask for a quotation.

Children Courses:

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