PMP Kids  童真英語
       PMP Kids 童真英語
PMP Kids aims to provide children a learning place where they can develop their positive learning behaviors. We emphasize the learning methods rather than just the content itself. Through creative training, we wish to boost each child’s potential and creative mindset and hence their interests to learn. Our mission is to assist our students to become productive pillars to our society through continuous learning from early ages throughout  their lifetimes.
We have here:
  • Professional Teachers
  • Systematic and Innovative Teaching Methods
  • Suitable Teaching Materials

Tailor-made Teaching Materials
  The course materials are  designed based on topics that may interests and are useful to the students and according to the level of specific group of students. In order to achieve the best teaching result, we allow regular and prompt adjustment on materials and teaching methods  to best suit the actual situation of the students. Computer learning tools will be incorporated into some courses to increase the students’ interests and motivations.
Various Teaching Models:
                  Competitions                                   Group Discussions                                     Lectures



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