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can, may, should, must

Modal Verbs Exercises:
Exercise1: Use of Can, Could, Have to, Must, Might, Should
Exercise2 : Can, Could and To be able to

Modal verbs are special verbs that can not be used without accompanying a normal verb. However, -

  1. Modals have present and past forms but are not necessarily used for present or past events.
  2. Modals do not take "-s" in the third person.
  3. We use "not" to make modals negative.
  4. Verbs followed Modals should always be in present simple form.

Some common Modal Verbs:
Can, Could, May, Might, Ought to, Shall, Should, Must, Will, Would, Have to
e.g. I can swim.
You should be here by now.
They might not know the answers.
He will can go with you.(Wrong)
She should studied hard last year. (Wrong)

助動詞的用法不能跟一般普通動詞的用法一樣, 它尾隨一定要有一個基本動詞. 運用助動詞有以下原則: -

  1. 助動詞有現在式和過去式, 但並非過去的句子就用過去式或現在的句子用現在式Modals.
  2. 助動詞本身不可能有第三人稱單數"-s" 形態.
  3. 我們用"not"加在助動詞後面來表達其反意.
  4. 助動詞自己不能獨立當動詞用, 要尾隨一個原式動詞啊!

Can, Could, May, Might, Ought to, Shall, Should, Must, Will, Would, Have to


欲學習更多Modal Verbs; 可Click入下面.
Exercise1: Use of Can, Could, Have to, Must, Might, Should
Exercise2 : Can, Could and To be able to




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