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PMP Professional Training Centre was established in 2000. Our aim is to provide useful and quality training to individuals, schools, and companies in order to help participants strive for growth, well equiped,  and enthusiasm toward lives. We believe each one has his/her own special talent that can be exploited in a large extent when suitable education and proper guidance are given. We emphasize the training methods that can effectively enhance the student’s abilities and initiatives. On the other hand, we pay close attentions to how the curriculums are designed so that our courses are able to meet diversifying needs in the evolving society.

PMP About Us

OUR Characteristics


Diversified and Feasible Training Models

We adopt plug-in training models that consist basic contour with different contents. This help us make diversified courses easily and quickly.


Learning Technology Incoporated

Technology increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our training. It can aslo enhance students' learning experience. 


Advocate Positive Reinforcement

Learning should be joyful. As long as the particpants feel that they need that knowledge or are interested in the subject,  they will learn enthusiastically.


Respect and Suitable Assessments

Assessments are the tools to measure the effectiveness of the training both for students and trainers. We focus on encouragement rather than criticism. 


Ethical, Professional, and Qualified Trainers

The first of the three essential factors we will ensure in the training programs.

Training Methods

Systematic and Innovative Training Methods

The second of the three essential factors we will work throughtout the training programs.

Training Materials

Need-focused Training Materials

The third of the three essential factors we will do based largely on research before the training programs.

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