Attain a University Qualification

Earning your Degree with the shortest time and most reliable way.

Reliable! Affordable! Attainable!

Do you ever think of getting a BBA, MBA, or DBA?
Do you know that you can get it in 12 to 18 months?
Can you imagine you will attend a graduation ceremony and share the joy with your family and friends?
Will you tap into our consultation for high rate of success? 


No bigger obstacle than your lack of confidence, time, and English language proficiency puts a halt on you to attain a higher quailfication. Let us help you achieve a bigger goal. Our students had already proven an almost perfect successful rate (99.9%).

Degree Programs

Receive FREE consultations to help you find the most suitable program for yourselves.

US-based University

Blended online BBA, MBA, and DBA programs registered in HK Education Bureau. Graduate in 12-18 months.  

MBA program

UK-based Universities 

BBA and MBA programs offered by UK public regonized universities. 12-month study with blended learning. Can apply for HK non-means tested loan scheme.

Diploma program

Pre-entry Diploma 

Diplomas and Advance diplomas to fulfil the requirements for enrolment into university degree programs.  

BBA Program


You may have worked for many years in the same job and same position and feel that you need change. You may want to accept challenges, and gain invaluable education experience, or even prove your determination. Dreams start there in your mind. Don't let them stay there and now taking actions must be the first step to make them come true.


Afraid of not having much time? Worrying about wasting money when failed at the last moment? Writing assignments make you feel headache? All such above concerns are not real obstacles. They could be handled by our genuine support and consultations. Flexibility of the study models are also helpful. Would you like us to show you how to attain your next Degree with less difficulties, reasonable time and tutitions, and most importantly joy in the learning juorney?

Learn and Earn

If you think we can be of help to your firends and colleagues on his/her education juorney and decision making,  you are suggested to participate in our REFERRAL REWARDS program. We are offering decent referral commission to our affiliates. We are waiting to talking to you.

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