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We offer different kinds of courses: tailor-made courses for companies needs, courses for practical knowledges, and courses lead to professional qualifications.

Adult courses

Content creations are based on different industries and job types. Students can seek courses for skills strenghtening, personal interests, or professional qualifications.

Courses are now available online. Video meeting software such as ZOOM is used to conduct interactive lessons. Students can attend the class in front of their computers at their convenience.

You are welcome to ask us any questions about your education needs. We love to hear you and give the most suitable information as we can in order to help you make the best decision. 


Social Communication course

Spoken English by Social Scenarios


Daily communication phrases and responses.
Conversations for daily social situations.
English culture, social interactions, politeness, etc.
Attitudes, business and casual formalities, tones, language.
Pronunciation and fluency.
Active listening practice.

Lessons : 10 x two-hour

Business Communication Course

Business Spoken Communication


Commercial and business related topics.
Useful phrases and grammars.
Telephoning, describing, giving opinions, suggesting, talking trends, making enquiries, small talks, etc.
Formal and informal language; common used idioms and slang.
Fluency and listening skill.

Lessons : 10 x two-hour 

Written Communication course

English Written Communication


Different kinds of discourse markers.
Concepts of functional relationship and complex sentence constructions.
Understanding of the focus and the topic; developing supports.
Paragraphing, making conclusions, taking care of
organizational patterns, clarity, cohesiveness, and conciseness.
Format, tone, vocabulary usage, and grammar.

Lessons :  6 x three-hour

Writing Reports course

Writing English Report


Concise sentences and well organized paragraphs.
Formats and templates of reports.
Drafts of ideas, conclusions, recommendations, etc.
Information representations (use of graphs, charts, etc.)
Language and formality for commercial reports.

Lessons : 3 x three-hour 

Writing Office Documents

Writing Office Documents


International Office Documents (memos, emails, notices)
Format and structures.
Grammar, language and tone, degree of certainty.
Audience and purpose oriented writing.
Introduction to more formal office documents (letters, minutes, agenda, contract, etc.)

Lessons : 3 x three-hour 

writing promotionals course

Writing Promotional Materials


Construct eye-catching and persuasive header or slogan.
Document layout (sentences, graphics and colours usage).
Use of imperative, proactive, passive, and emphasis, sympathy, etc. Avoid weak language, create sense of need and urgency.
Pros and cons analysis for sample materials.
Evaluations and comments of students' work.

Lessons : 3 x three-hour 

English Meeting course

English for Meetings


General phrases for opening, closing, and chairing a meeting.
Seeking opinions, clarifying, summing up, etc.
Talking statistics, interrupting appropriately.
Cultural concerns for meetings with mixed nationalities.
Group activities, role-plays and evaluations.

Lessons : 5 x three-hour 

Interviewing English course

Interviewing English


Interview preparations (CVs and cover letters writing ,
spirit tune-up, understanding of requirements of different job types, understanding different kinds of interviewers, etc.)
Understanding selves, power of non-verbal communications.
Possible questions and suitable responses in English.
Practice on simulated interviews and evaluations.

Lessons : 5 x three-hour 

Presentation course

Powerful Presentations in English


Scripts or notes preparation, logistic, mental preparation.
Persuasive introduction, organization, and closing.
Appropriate tone, volume, stress, pause, pace, and body gesture.
Skills for answering and asking questions.
Effective use of presentation tools.
Handling interruptions and unexpected questions.
Presentation practice, feedback, evaluations.

Lessons : 5 x three-hour

MC Expert course

Expert MC in English


How to make preparations for the coming MC work (understanding of the event, speakers, time, and any housekeeping information).
How to introduce and thank speakers, make an opening and closing, co-operate with other parties in an event.
How to handle emergency matters, claim down noisy audience, deal with lateness  or absence of speakers.
Must you need to add jokes, warm-up activities, or quotes, etc.?  
Your personality matters and how to leverage the benefits of it to make an impact to the audience.

Lessons : 5 x three-hour 

Grammar Fundamental course

Creative English Grammar (Fundamental)


Grammar foundation strengthening.
Effective use of nouns, articles, adjectives, modals, etc.
Correct verb tenses relating to precise meanings.
Understand the use of connectives and special structures.
Common mistakes made by Hong Kong People.
Variety of sentence structures and vocabulary.

Lessons : 6 x two-hour 

Progressive Grammar course

Progressive English Grammar (Intermediate)


Exceptional use of verbs, nouns, and other collocations, etc.
Relationship of tense and time, tense and state of expressions; words formation; use of transitive and intransitive verbs.
Effective use of prepositions, phrasal verbs, and other idioms.
Types of sentences structures.

Lessons : 6 x two-hour 

Mastery Grammar course

Mastery English Grammar (Advance)


Practical usage of verbs, nouns, adjectives, modal, etc.
Master with the tense, time, word structures, transitive and exceptional intransitive, exceptional rules, etc.
Study of prepositions, phrasal verbs (separable and non-separable)
Readable and logical sentences structure and paragraphs.
Variety of special structures (reversion, sub-junction, reiteration, etc.)

Lessons : 6 x two-hour

IPA course

Pronunciation & IPA


Recognize the symbols and sounds of IPA.
Single vowels and consonants, diphthongs, consonant clusters, vowel contrast, stress, etc.
Blend sounds; formation of English words; silent sounds; linking sounds in a phrase, etc.
Similar pronunciations but carry different spellings.
Spelling by listening syllables in a word.

Lessons : 4 x two-hour 

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