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General English - Grammar

Gneral English - Writing

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General English - Speaking and Conversation

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General English - Listening

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General English -  Reading

Reading BasicIntermediateHigherAllSource
Reading Comprehension (more than 20 articles)       eflnet
Reading Comprehesion Exercises (Elementary - Advanced) esl-lounge
GCSE English Literature BBC
Reading Comprehension itgo
Story Reading and Exercises (Vocab, M.C., sequencing, conclusion) literacynet
Daily English Lesson englisch-hilfen
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General English - Vocabulary

Business English

English for Children - Grammar

English for Children - Reading

Reading BasicIntermediateHigherAllSource
Readings and Songs (Kindergarden, Grades1, 2, 3)    starfall
Art Gallery starfall
Magic starfall
Music starfall
Poetry starfall
Tongue Twisters starfall
Bird Riddles starfall
Plays, Fictions, Tales, Myths starfall
Downloadable Worksheets starfall
Learn with Games bbc
British Tales British Council
Story Books for Kids magickeys
Interactive Reading Games roythezebra
Guided Reading Stories roythezebra
Online Readings for Youth web-books
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English for Children - Pronunciation

Pronunciation BasicIntermediateHigherAllSource
Alphabets         Starfall
Vowels, Consonances, Movies Starfall
Phonics Worksheets starfall
Phonics Games and Games Cards phonicsplay
Match Homophones Game scholastic
Fluency Videos PBS Learning
Phonics letters and words (need Flash player) abcfastphonic
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English for Children - Listening

Listening BasicIntermediateHigherAllSource
Match the Sounds Game (need Flash Player)        Manythings
Match the same middle sounds (Flash Game) Scholastic
Learning English by Doing it (need Flash Player) digischool
Listen and Reconstruct the Sentence (Personal Info) webesl
Test Understanding Word Families (6 stories) (need Flash Player) processresearch
Listen and Fill in the Blanks (My Weekend)  Adeles ESL
Listening and speaking Things in different categories LanguageGuide
Match Pictures with the Descriptions (need Flash Player) eslkidslab
Listen and spell words in stories (Grade 1-12) Annenberg Learner
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English for Children - Fun Learning

English for Children - Writing & Vocab

English for Specific Purpose - Industry / Functions

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English for Specific Purpose - Public Test / Exam

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Teaching Tools and Resources

Resources BasicIntermediateHigherAllSource
Worksheets and Innocent Quotes       efl4u
Makers of  Word Search, Crossword, Bingo Card, Words Match  wordmint
Downloadable Worksheets for ESL/ESOL/EFL Teacher englishbanana
Over 700 Discussion Topics with Questions and pdf esldiscussions
Oral English Activities waze
English Materials with different topics and worksheets in 3 levels eslflow
Teaching Resources (dioms, grammar, reading articles, etc.) speak-read-write
3000 Free English News Lessons in 7 Levels  breakingnewsenglish
Over 400 Listenings with Handouts and Quizzes listenaminute
Resources of English Grammar and Usage EF
ESOL Toolkits for Construction valrc
Reading and Writing Exercises isabelperez
Lots of Interactive Exercises arnes
Downloadable Worksheets for English Grammar and Vocab eslpdf
English Expressions in Many Topics yadayadaenglish
Lots of Exercises and with three levels englishlearner
English Learning Resources ( from beginners to advanced) english-online
Lots of Learning Materials of American English funeasyenglish
Many English Resources with different topics englishdaily626
Many English Tests include ESL, TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, etc englishteststore
Business English of Various Topics and Levels (with PPT and Notes) Macmillan
English Exercises and Games for Kids englishmedialab
English Lessons, Games, Worksheets for Kids Freddie'sville
Clip Arts, Games, Printables, Coloring Pages for Kids akidsheart
FlashCard, Worksheets, Certificates, Phonics for Teachers mes-english
Phonics Worksheets, Workbooks, Printables funfonix
Certificates Maker 123certificates
Custom Worksheets, Board Games, Mazes, Word Search, etc. toolsforeducators
Printable Resources (English Grammar) esltower
Printable Resources (English Vocabulary) esltower
Downloadable FlashCards (Alphabets, Phonics, Grammar, Vocab) eslflashcards
Free Graphics and Art Crafts art4crafts
Web and Whiteboard Activities for Primary Students scholastic
Free Cliparts openclipart
Many Downloadable Resources (Activity Books, Comics, Songs, etc.) americanenglish
Downloadable Worksheets for Spelling in different levels spelling-words-well
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