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We are a private-owned organization. We offer quality training courses which can be tailor-made for NGOs, commercials, and schools and those courses are usually very competitive in the market. We try to make the courses contemporary and able to fulfill the real needs of the participants.

For adult's training, there are no strict English standards required. The levels are usually divided into elementary, intermediate, and advance and also depend on specific courses that he/she wishes to apply. Some courses may not require fundamental knowledge in order to understand.

Our courses are mostly tarilor made for requests. We do have created some different courses which are requested by different organizations such as Stress Management, Mandarin, Customer Services, etc. On our online learning platform, there are going to be more and more courses with diffferent topics taught by the subject experts. Please stay tune with us or become our members to get informed with the most updated courses and benefits.

Our teachers are well qualified and specialized in the areas they give teaching. For example, Native English teachers who are responsible for English courses should own TESOL or TEFL teaching certificates and have at least University qualifications. We also require teachers who possess professional attitudes and skills toward their teaching as stated in our ASK code of teaching for teachers.

Students can get an attendance certificate from us; however, they are encouraged to apply for the public examination for specific subjects to earn public recognitions. Some of our courses will provide assistance for students who would like to take part in the public examinations. Taking any public examinations are usually not compulsory and totally depends on students own discretions. 

Our online learning platform is where different courses provided by the subjects experts to give out interesting knowledge to our members. The aim of these courses is to systematically bring usable knowledge and interests to the members. On the other hand, it is where the opportunities of earning while sharing expertise knowledge about different subject areas can provide. We also have a vision that some of our valuable Chinese traditional knowledge and cultures could be made avaliable in the future and saved from extinction. 

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