English Supporting Service

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  • Unlimted Support  Unlimited supports to English related questions including English grammar, spoken phrases, and written short sentenses, etc..
  • Proofreading/Translation  Short memos, faxes, emails, letters, or any documents. (limited to 50 words each piece and 1 piece a week for general membership; 800 words per month and 10000 words per annual for VIP)
  • Special Quote  When the service requested exceeds what is covered in the membership, an affordable fee will be charged according to the calculations below.  VIPs will receive special quotes for the larger projects of translation or proofreading.
  • Quality  Translation projects will be handled by professionals qualified with Hong Kong Translation Society.  

About ESS

. Translation: English  to Chinese (simp. / trad.)
. Translation: Chinese (simp. / trad.)  to  English
. Proofread:   Chinese ; English 

1. Submit simple and non-confidential requests through ChatBox. 
2. Submit the document inside your membership area.
3. Call in directly (852)-34992404 to leave your message.
4. Email us directly at ess@pmptrain.com
3. Fax to (852) 2448-1162 

1. Requests through ChatBox, usually get response almost instantly and not longer than 1 hours when the service staff is at the desk when you make the requests.
2. Requests or documents received inside membership will be answered within 24 hours.
3. Requests made through email, ess@pmptrain.com,  will be answered within 24 hours.
4. Requests made by fax (852) 2448-1162  will be answered in 24 hours.
5. All documents received will be treated confidential.

1. The membership for one member is not transferable to the others.
2. Each member's request will be recorded into his/her membership account.
3. Please quote the email you used to register your membership for each request. 
4. Re-submitt a same document will be treated as a new request.

Charge for "exceeded membership privilege" :
When the service requested exceeds what is covered in the membership privilege, a reasonable fee will be charged and the calculation is as follow:

- HK$2.00/word for the first 50 words.
- HK$1.00/word for words from the 51st to 150th.
- HK$0.50/word for words from the 151st onward.

For large piece of document or project can ask for a special quotation. 


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